Dr. Linden is now the President and co-founder of X5 Systems, Inc., where he is continuing his work in automated design and optimization of antennas and electromagnetic devices. He can still be reached at  703-587-5477. 

X5 Systems has been acquired by the AWR group at National Instruments. See this site for more information

LIR is no longer offering services in automated design and optimization, and anyone wishing these services is directed to www.x5systems.com, or to call Dr. Linden directly at 703-587-5477.

We thank our clients over the nearly 6 years LIR has been in business, and Dr. Linden looks forward to serving them better in his new position.

Dr. Linden's resume and areas of expertise are still available on this site, as well as an explanation of the logo.

Telephone: 703-587-5477

Email: info@lindenir.com